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Center of Sufi medicine

Народный центр Суфийской медицины

Центр Суфийской гимнастики, хореографии и боевых искусств

In the Sufi world
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News archive

Elixir "Confession" - 1.02.2005
After long time of researches was produced new elixir "Confession". Details...

New book - 29.01.2005
Was published new book "Sufi breathing" written by Sheih Kushkarov. Details...

New Year - 27.12.2004
Center "Yakdillik" stops its activity till 3.01.2005 and wishes you Happy New Year.

Lecture - 9.12.2004
On 15th of December, wednesday at 18.00 will be hold lecture "Meaning of sufism" in the centre "In the Sufi world".
Lecture gives by: Professor of philological sciences, specialist in sufism Najmiddin Kamilov.
Lecture only in uzbek language.

Preparation "Hid-davo" - 3.12.2004
First in the Centre "Yassaviy-Turkiston" was made preparation "Hid-davo" for treatment by aroma the - vapy methods and on the basis of natural herbaceous oils.

Herbaceous powder - 2.12.2004
Was made and put on sale special herbaceous tooth powder to consolidate gum and ganglion of mouth cavity by the Centre of Sufi medicine "Yakdillik".

New food addition - 2.12.2004
Was made and put on sale new food addition "Medical herbaceous addition" by the Centre of Sufi medicine "Yakdillik".

Work on documentaries finished - 1.12.2004
The Film studio "Sufi Cinema" has completed the following documentaries:
  1. "Teacher" - about the teacher of Tabib Nursafardiya Sheikh's Sufi Koran.
  2. "The way to the perfection movement" - about the system of sufi movements.
  3. "Hard way" - about sufi medicine treatment and difficulties of medical herbs..
All films are based on sufi philosophy and they are projects of Sufi-Tabib Nursafardiya.

Sufi martial arts - 30.11.2004
On the 26th of November "Yoshlar" channel has shown a ten-minute program, which was devoted to Sufi martial arts with the master Ulugbek Kushkarov (U-li Sufi).

Lecture - 23.11.2004
In the "Sufi world" center on Wednesday 24th of November will be a lecture about "Sufism in central Asia".

New book by Sheikh Kushkarov - 18.11.2004
Soon will be appear one more new book by Sheikh Kushkarov (Sufi-Tabib Nursafardiya) "Poetry in sufism". It shows concrete aspects of sufi in search of truth improvement and getting godlike power engineering. That new direction in sufism "Nursafardiya" is continuation and perfection of all historical direction of sufism.
In the near time book issue will be only in uzbek language.

New book by Sheikh Kushkarov - 15.11.2004
Soon will be appear new book by Sheikh Kushkarov (Sufi-Tabib Nursafardiya) "System of breathing in sufism", where state methods of respiratory exercises in the complex, there are concrete advises of breathing system for meditation preparation, samaa. Also there are exercises to consolidate health, inside energy and space.
In the near time book issue will be only in uzbek language.

Lecture - 12.10.2004
In the "Sufi world" center on Wednesday 13th of October will be a lecture about Xoja Axror Vali.

New center - 22.09.2004
New center of sufi gymnastic, martial arts and massage attached to Zo`rmergan was opened. There is a phytobar, where you can drink hot tea prepared from herbs of Pamir and Bahmal mountains.
Address: North railway station, in the building of "Lokomotiv" hotel.

Period of gathering herbs - 20.09.2004
You can see the fotos made during period of gathering herbs in fotogallery

Centers opening - 20.09.2004
After the period of gathering herbs Center of Sufi Medecine "Yakdillik" and People Center "Yassaviy-Turkiston", are beginning their work.


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