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Elixir made on the basis of 55 alcohol, of ecologically clean of medicinal herbs of high quality enriched by ultra-violet sun rays and minerals, picked in Pamirs mountains on 3700 5300 m. altitude.
In elixir structure saps of 9 variety untraditional herbs, tested by Tabib`s of Folk center Yassaviy-Turkiston. Elixir, get in Hrebaism system is cleans person organism from slags, which are bad for blood circulation and for inside energy of life, effectively used in treatment and prophylactic of diseases which connect with heartily vessel, breathily, gastric intestinally and kidney urinaly system.


Elixir made on the basis of 55 alcohol, of two kinds Pamir`s gold root.

  • In treat for an illness; tuberculosis, kidney, gullet, urine, scrofula, intestinal worms in urines, women diseases, mens weakness, womens frigidity.
  • Rised physical and mental abilities, specially after hard work; improved appetite and sleep, takes bad fillings off in hard sphere.
  • Like Gin-Seng it makes condition unspecific abnormally high resistance in organism against various unfavorable influence.
Elixir of Confession

Real elixir is a result of secret scientific researches, the purpose is for a short time during 30-40 days find and treat all pathology in human organism on water, blood, lymphatic system and also cell levels.
Elixir tested by Sufi Tabib during 25 years.

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