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Center of Sufi medicine

Народный центр Суфийской медицины

Центр Суфийской гимнастики, хореографии и боевых искусств

In the Sufi world
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Center`s production.

Mineral water

This complex medical aerated waters made on the basic of Sugar and Qutir springs of Jizzakh province. Also they consists of herbs which were collected in Bahmal highlands.

Medical aeroted water "DB"
Removes all bad microorganisms and maintains intestines microflora. Treats skin diseases such as warts, scabies, eczema, psoriasis, skin allergy.
Medical aeroted water "DC"
Improves heart, pericard, strengthens nervous system and normalizes process of widening and narrowing blood-vessels.

Medical aeroted water "DF"
This water improves such organs as spleen, liver, gall-bladder, and increases blood synthesis process.
Medical aeroted water "DR"
Improves kidneys, lungs, urine canals and also increases gender energetic.

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