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Center of Sufi medicine

Народный центр Суфийской медицины

Центр Суфийской гимнастики, хореографии и боевых искусств

In the Sufi world
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Meditation with sufi hands
Meditation with sufi hands(in pictures)
For the first time in this work the parties os Sufism which were properly of limited people are opened. The Koran, calligraphy, breath, movement, medetation - aspiration of a cellular level of Sufi.
Quantity: 15 pictures
Languages: Russian, French, German

Meditativ - medical positions of the body in sufism
Meditativ - medical positions of the body in sufism
Positions promoting amelioration of your health.
Quantity: 15 pictures
Languages: Uzbek, Russian, English, German

calendars (10x7.5):


cards (10x15):

calendars (A1+, A1, A2, A3):





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